1965  Born in Babylon, Iraq
1988  Diploma, Fine Arts Institute, Baghdad
1992-94  Taught Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad
Founder of Mimar Gallery with Architect Hazem Abu Naba'a, Qatar


2010 April - (LTMH) Gallery NEW YORK Beyond The War: Contemporary Iraqi Artists of the Diaspora
2010 March - Art Sawa. Gallery ,Dubai MY HOMELAND Contemporary Artists from Iraq
2010 February - Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain A Chair and Painting 9 international Arab artists
2009 January - Art Sawa Gallery ,Dubain Contemporary Artists from Iraq
2008 March - Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrai Solo Exhibitions
2006 May – Dar Al Fanoun, Kuwait Solo Exhibitions
2006 March - Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain Solo Exhibitions
2006 January - 4 Walls Gallery, Amman Solo Exhibitions
2004 - Green Art, Dubai Solo Exhibitions
2003 - Green Art, Dubai Contemporary Artists from Iraq
2002 - Bissan Gallery, in association with the French Cultural Centre, Qatar
2002 - Al-Bida Gallery, in association with the National Council for
Culture, Art and Heritage, Qatar Solo Exhibitions
2001 - Al Fardan Gardens, sponsored by Al-Fardan Group, Qatar
2000 - French Ambassaor's residence, Qatar Solo Exhibitions
1998 - Al-Afif Gallery, San'a Contemporary Artists from Iraq
1999 - French Cultural Centre, San'a

Born in 1965, Babylon, Iraq. Lives and works between Sweden and Qatar.
Al Bahrani’s work has departed from the traditional scope of structure present in sculpture to attain a minimalistic quality that is characterised by both clarity and simplicity. His individualistic approach has resulted in creating a sense of !exibility and movement to an otherwise heavy and rigid material.

Although known as a sculptor, etching has become integral to al Bahrani’s practice. His bold forms dramatically isolated against empty background achieve a startling new sense of formal abstraction.

“Babylon, with her legends and holy books, was ever my support during my exile. My ancient passion was broken when I decided to leave for exile far from the epic of Gilgamesh to continue my epic in a vast earth, a vast desert, the paths of which none but one exiled from his own land know. I bore Babylon with me in my belongings and my history but I continued to be delighted by Ashtar’s weeping for Tamuz. I bore the music of my injured city and the pain of its inhabitants in my veins while searching for a new location upon which to build my ancient history. For years I travelled from one exile to another and remembered Iraq and its epic chant.

There is nowhere more beautiful than its deserts, its forbidden fruits, its sad and wearyingdreams. Now, today, I am concocting a new passion puri"ed of the past; a ferrous passion full of emotion, love and peace.

I continuously feel that there is someone waiting for me after all these decades who will understand me through my humanistic output and will understand my Babylonian concerns and the grief of Ashtar at the death of Tamuz. In some new language which resembles me, I am the Neo-Babylonian and the childhood which loved the Euphrates which inspired the "rst of my works.”

Ahmed al Bahrani


احمد البحراني

بابل _ العراق _ 1965

اكمل دراسته للفن في معهد الفنون الجميله في بغداد 1988

عمل مدرسا لماده النحت والتخطيط في معهد الفنون الجميله في بغداد 93-1994
المعارض الشخصيه

الجمعيه القطريه للفنون التشكيليه - 2008

البارح للفنون – مملكه البحرين – 2008

دار الفنون – دوله الكويت – 2006

البارح للفنون – مملكه البحرين – 2006

الجدران الأربع للفنون – الأردن – 2006

كرين ارت – دبي – 2004

بيسان للفنون – الدوحه – برعايه المركز الثقافي الفرنسي – 2002

قاعه البدع – الدوحه – برعايه المجلس الوطني للثقافه والفنون والنراث في قطر – 2002

حدائق الفردان برعايه مجموعه الفردان – الدوحه- 2001

السفاره الفرنسيه في الدوحه برعايه مجموعه كريستيان ديور للمجوهرات في باريس- 2000

المركز الثقافي الفرنسي في صنعاء- 1999

مجموعه العفيف الثقافيه في صنعاء- 1998

شارك بالعديد من المعارض المشتركه داخل وخارج العراق وفي عدد من عواصم العالم

له مقتنيات في عدد من دول العالم وفي بعض متاحف العالم

نفذ العديد من المشاريع الفنيه في ساحات عامه

متفرغ للعمل الفني


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